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Lash Lift Brooklyn

A keratin lash lift is a natural, yet luxurious option for those who want to enhance their eyelashes without the hassle and maintenance of lash extensions. When searching “ lash lift and tint near me or eyelash perm near me ,” clients always have very important concerns: “ do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes ?” And “ what happens with a lash lift gone wrong ?” Unlike elleebana lash lift, where there is a risk of over processing or lash damage, the Yumi Lashes eyelash lift kit that we use at Lash Lift Brooklyn is the highest quality lash lift product on the market, containing real keratin, Vitamins E and B, and is also infused with aloe. The Yumi Lashes keratin infused formula is hypoallergenic, formaldehyde-free and paraben free with no harsh chemicals. The keratin lash lift is EU approved, which exceeds US FDA standards. It is perfect for sensitive eyes and those who are allergic to harsh lash extension adhesives.

A keratin lash lift and tint is different from a lash perm, the innovative Yumi Lashes keratin based formula improves the structure of each individual cilium. Whether you are looking to try a new beauty procedure, are tired of the upkeep that lash extensions require, or want to fix a lash lift gone wrong – you have found the right place! A lash lift is a dramatic option for lash definition without the eyelash extensions cost – only needed maintenance every 2-3 months rather than every 2-3 weeks! Quality and the health of your natural lashes is our top priority, and we are always willing to assess your lashes with a free consultation.

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Lash Lift Brooklyn

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Keyara Simons
Keyara Simons@kxyara_
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"My eyes were very fidgety and my lashes still came out just like how I wanted to! Everyone that sees my lashes always asks if they're mine and where I got them done. Would definitely book again, worth all of the money!!!"
Zarina Akhmedova
Zarina Akhmedova@zarinaxx
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Love love love my lashes!!! They turned out amazing! I definitely recommend getting them done by her
Kaitlyn Belen
Kaitlyn Belen@kaitlynathenabelen
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Love my lashes! I came in and left with exactly how I wanted my lashes to look! Atmosphere was very relaxing and she was very nice!
Kaylin Vila
Kaylin Vila@kaylinn.vila
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My lashes look very natural with a pop of wow and I am so pleased. They feel like they are my very own and I get so many compliments. I am way too happy about my lashes, thank you so much Nica!

Check out these frequently asked questions:


What is a lash lift ?

The lash lifting process consists of three steps plus a lash tint that curls your natural lashes for its full growth cycle. Your lashes will be lifted from the root, providing a beautiful curl without the need for or damage caused by fake lashes or lash extensions. The process provides a great lash curler look, without the clumpiness of mascara, and lasts up to three months!


Is an eyelash tinting near me painful ?

No, a lash lift is not painful at all! Applying the shield to your lid for the first time may be a strange sensation, but you get used to it very quickly and the procedure itself is very relaxing.


How long does a lash lift last ?

A lash lift typically lasts 8-12 weeks, depending on your individual lash growth cycle, and following the aftercare provided by your lash lift professional.


Can you put mascara on an eyelash lift?

Yes, you can! Typically mascara is not needed due to the darkness and lash definition of the tint, however, you are permitted to use mascara on a lash lift, as well as any face or eye makeup that you prefer as these are your natural lashes. We recommend washing all makeup and mascara off thoroughly before bed to avoid the drying/falling out of your lashes to ensure your keratin lash lift lasts as long as possible!


How do I prep for a lash lift appointment ?

Please arrive at your appointment free of any makeup, it is preferred that you avoid using an eye cream the day of the treatment. If you wear contact lenses, they will have to be removed.


How long does an eyelash lift and tint take ?

The process usually lasts from one hour to a maximum of one and a half hours depending on the volume and density of your natural lashes.


How much does eyelash lift cost ?

Call us to find out about the price! Lash lifting results last 8-12 weeks, and if you need a touch up tint within the 8-12 week period, the cost is only $20.


Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes ?

No! When a professional lash lift technician performs a lash lift, they should examine the length and thickness and personalize the time of each step to ensure the health of your natural lashes. In addition, the lash lift kit we use not only gives your lashes a beautiful curl, but will strengthen them over time. If you purchase our clear keratin serum, your lashes will also grow and strengthen tremendously between appointments.


Can you undo a perm ?

A lash lift and tint is different from a perm. Yes, you can undo a lash lift. At Lash Lift Brooklyn, we specialize in custom keratin lash lifts as well as reversing bad lifts that our clients have done elsewhere. We have gained the trust of many by correcting a lash lift gone wrong and giving our clients the beautiful lashes they hoped for! If you are concerned with the damage from an eyelash perm, we can first provide a free consultation in the case that we are unable to undo the lash perm you received elsewhere before 8 weeks.


Can I wet my lashes after an eyelash lift ?

We recommend to keep your lashes completely dry for the first 48 hours after the lash lift near me process. After the 48 hours is up, you can wash your lashes thoroughly as usual. During this 48 hour period, we also recommend that you avoid touching the lashes or sleeping on your face as they will continue to lift, separate and become fluffier as the time passes. You can simply brush them upward with the lash brush we provide in the morning and evening.


How do I know if I am a good candidate for a lash lift ?

A keratin lash lift is a beautiful enhancement for most. If your lashes point straight down or even have a curl, the lift process also includes separation and shaping to provide a beautiful effect and make the lashes go in the correct direction. If you have gaps in your lashes, it is best to first use a serum in order to fill them in, as a lift could make them more prominent. If you have recently had an eye surgery, please consult with your physician as the time you must wait post-op will vary. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, the lash lift may not take to your lashes due to change in hormones and consulting your physician is recommended as well.
How long do eyelash lifts last and what is an eyelash lift questions can also be answered just reach out!

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Customer Satisfaction Is What We Pride ourselves On

You will wake up every morning with flawless, beautifully curled and nourished lashes. With the permission of our client we will take photos of your lash lift before and after to really showcase the dramatic difference that this enhancement makes. Your lashes will be lifted upwards to the desired look for your eye shape, ultimately creating the much coveted open-eye look from lash definition. The keratin lash lift also includes a tint, which can be pure jet black, dark brown, soft brown depending on whether you prefer a more natural or glamorous look. Whether your lashes are straight, slightly curled, short, long or growing in varying directions, you are a candidate for an eyelash lift near me.

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